Life List

Sky dive 10/06/2012 | Travel to Machu Picchu 7/9/2011| Get married 04/18/2014 | Have a baby | Adopt a child(step child) | Live in Colorado | Travel to Italy | Travel to Oktoberfest in Germany | Travel to Ireland | Write a children’s book with Rocky as the main character | Start an annual Day of Awesomeness | Adopt a German Shepherd | Stratosphere Sky Jump in Vegas | Visit Arlington National Cemetery | Read Autobiography of Mark Twain | Zip Line in Durango/Silverton | Pay for someone’s meal behind me at a drive thru 12/22/2011| Visit the Upper East Coast in the fall | Sing Wind Beneath My Wings in Karaoke | Go to Arches National Park again | Visit Lambeau field | See a Green Bay game in person | Alaskan Cruise | Shoot a handgun | Climb a rock wall | Donate blood 8/4/2011| Take ballroom dancing lessons | Work on a horse ranch for a day | Learn how to drive a boat | Go deep sea fishing | Become a skilled Kayaker | Make a t-shirt quilt | Go on a camping/hiking trip with no phone or other electronics | Plant/Grow a butterfly garden | Work in a cup cake bakery | Hot Air Balloon Ride | Whale watch | Swim with a dolphin | Learn to meditate | Visit the Hawaii Islands | Participate in a Cattle Drive | Buy an old farm truck, no air, triangle flip out windows, Chevy (like Dad’s old C10) | Maple Ridge Loop Hike in Portland, OR | Latourell Falls 2.3 mile Trail in Latourell, OR | Goonies area in Oregon | Learn about homing pigeons | Be comfortable in my own skin | Sing Adele's "Someone Like You" well | Lose 15 pounds | Make a homemade apple pie  11/23/2011| Make a homemade cherry pie | Learn to drive a stick shift | Visit the 9/11 Memorial | Go to the US Open | Eat at S'Mac in NYC | Drive in Chicago 03/16/2012 |