Monday, August 29, 2011

The Weekend of Eating

Friday night Jessica and I went to La Bamba Mexican Restaurant after work to eat and drink.
We had a great time laughing and joking.
We haven't done something like that, just her and me, in a very long time.
I think one of the best things is when I can make her laugh so hard she cries. I find satisfaction in that. :)
We ate so much food... We stared with chips, salsa, cheese and bean dip; and our margaritas of course.

About a 1/2 hour after eating all of this, and ordering a second thing of cheese and bean dip... and another pitcher of margs, we actually ordered meals, too.

Dinner is served!!
Jessica got the chicken chimichunga (not spelled right, but you know what I'm saying) and I got the steak and cheese burritos! Mucho goodo. 

The best part of the meal: Jessica, loosening her belt. That's my girl!

I then met a Nicole, Amber and Kate out on a patio to enjoy the nice weather.

On Saturday night I went to my friend Tami's house and us girls (Melissa, Tracy and myself) grilled out. We had appetizers and then our meal. Tami did the grilling and it was EXCELLENT!

 Tracy made a home made dessert. It was something yummy, with cherries and a cream sauce with chocolate drizzle sauce on top. Seriously so good.

Melissa... really liked the dessert. :)
 It was a great weekend, with great friends and great food.


  1. Yah! Love this post! Now I want I seem to want EVERY DAY!