Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everyone's Out to Get Me

'They' are constantly coming up with new food and products that I MUST have.
Everyone out there tries to sabotage my ‘good health guidelines’ and Weight Watcher Points with yum-tastic food.

Everyone is out to get me…. I just know it.

-Domino’s New Cheesy Bread… with the CHEESE IN THE MIDDLE!!!

-Hershey Kisses Mint Truffles. I should never have known these existed.

-Hershey Kisses Candy Cane. I want to lick them like a lollipop should be licked. (They are not lollipops – but you get the point)

-Casey’s Taco Pizza - a large is on special right now for $11.99 and since it’s on special, I had to get one.

-Homemade Jalapeno Poppers made by my brother in law. There was nothing dietary about the cream cheese and bacon on those slices of heaven.

-Mexican food. Nuf’ said.

-Baked Pasta Romano from Olive Garden

I try so hard to not give in to the pressure that advertising brings... but DANG! Everything looks so tasty, especially when you are getting ready to make your dinner...that consists of soup. Who wouldn't want to add some cheesy bread to that meal!?!?!

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