Saturday, April 7, 2012

Working - Downtown Des Moines


Doppelgangers: I’ve seen so many people that look EXACTLY like some of my friends… only they aren’t them.

Heels:  After my first day and walking in my 4inch black Jessica Simpson heels, I now either wear flip flops or tennis shoes and then change into my heels, once at my desk. There are a lot of women that don’t do this and look like they are in a lot of pain by the end of the day. There are also a lot of women that cannot walk in heels to begin with, and should just not wear them. I’m surprised I have not seen these girls fall, or break an ankle. Practice makes perfect in the world of heel wearing… but don’t practice at work, you look like an idiot.

Food: There are more places in convenient locations either through the skywalks or just walking a couple blocks outside on a nice spring day. Burgers, pizza, BBQ, you name it… it’s in walking distance. I have learned to rein myself in and will now only be eating lunch out on Fridays. However, there is a bagel place nearby that I seem to get to a couple times a week. This morning my nice cinnamon and sugar bagel was delicious until I got to my second half… which must have rubbed up against an onion bagel at some point. So imagine this if you will. A bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, with some nice chopped onions mixed in.

Exactly! It was NASTY…   but I ate it anyway. There are starving people out there, I dare not waste food.

Music: The Absolute Citron bottle building has music playing from speakers as you walk by. Its just stuff you’d normally hear on an elevator. Speaking of elevators… it seems like speaking or saying good morning to people is frowned upon down here. Just best to act like you don’t see anyone, that no one is packed on the elevator with you and that you don’t hear them when they say “Floor 40 please… will you please hit floor 40?... Excuse me person by the buttons that I can’t reach from where I am in the elevator… can you PLEASE push floor 40…. Oh never mind, I’ll hit it on the way back down.. I like this ride so much anyway.”   and… back to music. There is always some person in the skywalk, with their guitar, a container for money, singing their hearts out – and really none of them sound that bad, it’s kinda nice. I haven’t given any money yet… I probably will when I hear a song I actually like. You know, NKOTB or Garth Brooks.

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