Friday, July 25, 2014

Ms Independent? Not anymore!

I considered myself a pretty independent person before.

I had my own money.

I had my own house.

I had my own rules.

I loved my alone time.

Needed my alone time.

I would re-watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or True Blood episodes all the time.

I would eat ice cream out of the container sitting on my couch.

I would make ‘single girl noodles’ (spaghetti with butter and shredded cheese melted on top)

I did have to call my parents for help with things; food when I was hung over, letting Rocky out if I was staying out late, having my dad pick up the dead baby animals in my back yard while I cried.

But for the most part I was set in my ways and ok with where I was and proud of it; I was independent.


Then I met Jerry.

At first I still needed my alone time.

I’d have a couple nights a week just for me.

As a single person, you get used to doing what you want, when you want, how you want.

I actually had to learn to compromise on this and Jerry was a good teacher.


I just find it funny that two years ago I HAD TO HAVE my alone time.

Now Jerry is gone for 3 nights and I feel like the world doesn’t make sense anymore.

Alone time is not something I crave or want anymore.

I want my time with him.

I like his hugs and his smile.

His laugh and his kisses.

The way he interacts with his daughter.

I like that he checks to make sure I am getting out of bed in the morning.

I like that he will iron my pants if I need him too.

I like when we are together talking about random things.

I like when he’s 3 blocks over during the work day and if I need a hug or just to see him I can call him to meet me.

I do not like when he’s away.

I do not like when he is out of reach.

This week was the first time we’d been apart for more than a night since the beginning of our relationship.

He is the reason my life makes sense now.

He is the reason I view every day with a new happiness.

He is the reason I am proud to say I am no longer independent.

I need him.

I want him.

I like having someone love me and care for me.
And he does a great job at both.

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