Monday, November 15, 2010

The Plane Tickets are Booked

Next July my dad and I are joining the Rider Family (Susie, Jeff, Andrea and David), on a trip to Peru. Susie is Peruvian - and her mother lives there. So having people that know the language, the area and the culture will make the trip that much more enjoyable.
I booked the plane tickets for me and my dad and we will be flying out of Chicago with Jeff since Susie and kids will already be down there.
I am so excited, this is another place I will be able to check off my bucket list. We will stay in Lima and Cuzco. We will see Machu Picchu, which will take my breath away.
We might even stay in a hostel for a few nights!!

I can't explain how excited I am that I am going with my dad on another adventure. Sharing these once in a life time opportunities with my dad means more to me then words can say.

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