Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mr. Mousekowitz

Mr. Mousekowitz found a nice warm home in a friendly colorful atmosphere – in my kitchen. He obviously was not scared of the vicious Rat Terrier that roamed the halls of this house.
I bought a trap that would not kill him so that I could set him free outside. I really didn’t want to hurt the poor mouse that was only trying to survive by eating my bananas and living in a warm environment. I’m sure he would have moved out on his own in the spring.
Well the little guy was either very smart or the non-killing traps don’t work. He got in and out of the trap 3 different times; stuffing his belly on the banana pieces I left in there.
So it came down to waiting until he moves out on his own or buy a trap that is going to end his little life. I couldn’t decide.
Sunday as I looked for a dish cloth under my sink I saw signs that the mouse had been there and he had eaten/torn apart some of the dish cloth my grandma had made. Now I was mad. He can eat my bananas, but not my dish cloth. So I made the hard decision to get a deadly trap.
I stood in the isle at Target looking at the traps that kill, the poison traps, sticky traps, slice their heads off traps, and I had tears in my eyes trying to decide. I even called my mom to discuss with her how badly I did not want to end this Mr. Mousekowitz life. This was very upsetting to me. Reluctantly I bought a trap that he would crawl into and never escape.
Last night at some point Mr. Mousekowitz passed away. (RIP little guy). I’m not sure how the trap worked - broke his spine, decapitated him, pulled him until he ripped apart – not sure. But this morning with a horrible feeling in my tummy for killing this poor defenseless animal, I picked up the container he was in and carried it outside to the trash, but not before seeing his little mouse paw dangling from the trap. I almost puked and cried at the same time.
I will never be the same.

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