Thursday, December 30, 2010


-There is nothing better then when my i-pod is on shuffle and Garth Brooks comes on. I will always love that man and his music.

- My older sister cracks me up. She is so much more funny now then when we were younger. She's a bitch though cause she lost weight and didn't work out nearly as much as I did. I hope she eats a whole cow this weekend - or gets prego so she can get fatty again. :) Heehawed.

- My younger sister is a really good mom. If I knew I could have a baby like Boston, I'd be popping them out left and right. (not really - sometimes, he cries, I want a non-crying baby).

-My mom has become a drill sergeant. Yelling at me when I don't go to workout class, or when I'm making food that is not healthy - even if it's not for me! I think next to her, a real drill sergeant wouldn't be scary at all.

-To every friend, ex-boyfriend, old-friend, new-friend, close family, far away family, co-workers old and new: You have all had an impact in making me who I am today. So if you don't like me - it's your own fault. :-)

-As 2010 comes to an end - one of the best years of my life - I can't help but think how lucky I really am. Great family, great friends. Loving, supportive extended family. I work for a caring company at a job I happen to love. Even in my darkest hours, I am and have been very lucky these last 30 years.

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