Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update on GIM!!

On October 18th I started my fitness challenge at Goals in Motion. Every other day is resistance and kettle bell work outs and the other days are kick boxing/cardio workouts.
I was feeling incredibly out of shape, my clothes were fitting tighter and I wasn't feeling very good mentally or physically. I had bad eating habits that I believe caused many sick days, due to no nutrients entering my body. I had to do something different before I turned 30.
Class was hard every morning, we were working our butts off, literally. The classes have never been boring, always changing and the coaches you have keep you motivated and trying harder. The food was hard to get used to. Planning in advance, eating every few hours and picking whole foods. GIM provides recipes, idea's and continuous support and my eating habits have improved tremendously.
At final testing I went from 25.4% body fat to 19.9%, dropped 12 pounds, increased crunches from 33 to 70 and modified push ups from 25 to 47. I lost inches from my tummy, thighs, chest and arms. I am in better shape now at 30 then I was in my late 20s! I even fit in to a pair of my jeans from high school!!!

I have signed up for maintenance for the next year - so I plan on getting even more fit and toned! It really is amazing how working out and eating right can change your whole out look and it truly does make you happier!!

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