Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Ol' Times

I got off work early on Friday and headed to Iowa City with some girl friends. We stopped in Williamsburg, where I decided to shop like I actually had money. I should have thought that through, since I had to take Jessica's car to Iowa City since I was informed mine was not going due to the very loud noise it was making. I didn't think it was a big deal.. it was just loud as I went faster, I figured that the car is 11 years old... (It's only going to cost $352.81 to fix).
Well, after an afternoon of shopping, some good ol' girl time and then the husbands met us girls out. Tami and Todd, Melissa and Curt, Aimee and me. :)
I drank tooooo much and felt very old at all the college town bars we went to, but it was a blast to get out and hang with my wonderful, loving, caring friends!

When I got back in town on Saturday (my friends stayed till Sunday), I pulled in my drive and saw that someone put on my new screen door that I bought back in August - but no one could ever put it on for me. It makes the side of my house look better I think! It was a surprise from a boy.... Mike. He's spoiling me and being really great - even being understanding when I need time to myself or need to talk about Brendan. I was very surprised and happy about my new screen door.

Yesterday I made banana bread, cleaned and watched the movie The Town, which I really liked.

The weather is supposed to get pretty bad here, which I won't complain about because compared to last winter, this one has been short and sweet. Just about a month and a half left before we start to see real signs of spring!

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