Friday, February 18, 2011

15 Things...

Yes, I’m copying my sisters idea.
Fifteen interesting (?) facts, that you may not know about me.

1. Out of Jessica, Sam and myself, I am the only one with brown eyes like my dad. Jess and Sam have green like my mom.

2. I have a stuffed ‘dog’ named ChrisMutt. It is one of the Target holiday stuffed animals they used to have each year. I got him when I was about 8. He has flown on a plane with me, taken trips with me, and currently he sits on the floor of my bedroom. I can’t bring myself to pack him away.

3. For a tall person with long legs, I have been told I take very small steps.

4. I am the only one of my sisters to not go to college, live in a dorm or move more than 20 minutes away from the house I grew up in.

5. I love riding four-wheelers and getting dirty. Would love to own some land in southern Iowa.

6. I am not afraid of snakes or mice – but a spider, no matter how small, freaks me out.

7. I wrecked my parents van one week after getting my license. I over corrected when getting cut off by another car and hit a pole.

8. My favorite number is 8. I have a tattoo on my wrist of an 8 and Sam has the same one on her side.

9. I got fired from my first full time job at Wells Fargo card services. I was 19 and thought my fake ID and staying out all night was more important than going to work.

10. At 21 I bought a brand new car that cost more than I was making in a year.

11. My freshman high school soccer team - I scored the most goals on the team. I scored two goals.

12. I’m not afraid of heights, rock climbing, sky diving – but I hate having to go up a ladder.

13. I am a dork – I like Harry Potter, LOTR, unicorns and I often dream about having super powers (which I can never decide on one super power, so I usually dream that I have them all).

14. My dream car is a 1963 Corvette OR one of the new Audi A8’s.

15. I’ve been in Oprah’s audience, and she even called my name so I could ask a question to Bachelor Bob.