Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Valentines Day for me is usually spent in 'bitter mode'. In fact I said many times that I am anti-valentines day kinda girl. The only Valentine I have had every year is my dad. He gives all us girls a card and a little gift. (I have kept all the cards - why wouldn't I?)
Last year I watched a movie with my friend Dan, probably something violent with a lot of blood shed and hate. It might have been episodes of Band of Brothers….. We were both bitter and against all things romantic or lovey.

This year was very different.

Mike, the guy I have mentioned before, normally works Sundays - he took it off so we could spend all weekend together and celebrate V-day. Saturday night/Sunday morning - he asked if I wanted my gift, and he presented me with a card board box. I opened it and it was a Kindle. I cried. He went on to tell me that he put my favorite book "Tell No One" on there for me already. So I cried some more. He knows I loved to read, remembered what I said my favorite book was, and got the best gift for me. He put thought in to it and was excited to give it to me.
I can't remember a time I have ever felt so special. He makes me feel that way every day, but this was more then I expected.
I felt kinda bad that all I got him was a homemade construction paper card with a cheesy poem I wrote - he loved it though.

I'm slowly realizing that if you quit worrying about all the bad things that could happen, you'll finally see all the great things that are happening right in front of you.

Thank you Valentine. XOXO.

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