Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Memory... again....

I woke one Saturday and felt so hung over. I was supposed to meet Brendan and his cousin Nicole at Brendan’s house on 51st street at 8 to go pick grapes at a winery. At 8:30 I pulled in, Brendan commented on how I was late, handed me a Baileys with coffee in it and off we went.

I kept begging Brendan to stop and get me a breakfast sandwich or something to eat – whining (which I know he loved). “You were late; it’s your own fault we can’t stop for something to eat”. He said with a menacing smile on his face.

As I looked out the back seat window, a jeep Cherokee of sorts started driving past us. The guy’s dog was in the car which is what I first noticed… and then I saw him bite in to a sandwich.

“Brendan! Look, that guy has a sandwich and he’s soooo happy!” Nicole and Brendan laughed hysterically and made fun of me forever for the happy sandwich guy.

I never got my sandwich, but Brendan looked at me half way through our grape picking adventure and said “You don’t look so good, sit down.” I had almost passed out - Brendan got me a Gatorade and told me to go lay down in his truck for a while.

This story continues and includes little hick town bars, snaggle toes and randomness - but to sum it up – it was one of the best days I’ve ever had. Even with the hangover, I would relive this day, every day if I could.

I just love this picture...

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