Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Hero - Must Have Arch-Nemesis

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I was thinking of my super powers. Still trying to decide which ones I want the most. Then… I realized in order to be a super hero, I need an arch-nemesis.
I tried to think of my opposite, someone I wouldn’t like at all if I met them and I came up with “Snookie” from Jersey Shore. Granted, I have only watched this show once and wanted to tear my ears off afterwards, but I’m pretty sure, I would not like her AT ALL if I met her.


· She does not dress correctly for her body type.

· She’s so short, it would hurt my neck to have to talk to her.

· She argues: loud, obnoxious, yelling arguments.

· She likes attention, negative or positive. (I prefer only positive).

· She plays the stupid girl role way to well, that in and of itself makes me want to use one of my many super hero powers on her.

She is my arch-nemesis – I will have to bring her down and fight for the good in this world!

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