Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chicago's Birthday

My good friend Chicago (some know him as Neil) just celebrated his 27th birthday. He says he feels old. That makes me want to smack him. BUT since it was his birthday celebration I refrained.

I met Chicago about 2 1/2 years ago, and didn't know his real name for the longest time.
I knew he was from Chicago, so that stuck.

We went to High Life, my favorite bar on the planet, and then to the I-Cubs game. It was such a nice night out. We were discussing friends, his girlfriends and my comment was:

"I used to make girls jealous when I hung out with their boyfriends.
Now they just think I'm a lesbian" - Me.

I love the food and beer at High Life. The have a spam sandwich on their menu, I have never tried it... and never will, but isn't that crazy?
Instead of Yager Bombs, they have Tang-er Bombs. Yager - mixed with Tang. HA!

Here's a picture of the tooth picks that came with our bacon wrapped tator tots. (Fantastic). I devoured them so I did not get a picture of the actual food.

High Life - the champagne of beers.

$3.75 Cheeseburger basket - can you beat that!?!?!
"The fries are crispy, but fluffy in the middle" - Chicago

The sky line of downtown Des Moines. Might be simple and small, but it sure is pretty.

Go I-Cubbies, Go!!

Chicago and me at The Royal Mile, the last stop on his birthday adventure!

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