Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iowa State Fair - Round Two

My Friday night plans changed last minute. I had planned a dinner out with 8 of my nearest and dearest friends at Chef's Kitchen in Beaverdale. Thursday night a friend of mine, that I hadn't hung out with in approximately 8 years, had won tickets to the Maroon 5/Train concert at the fair and asked me to join her. I wasn't going to cancel my dinner plans but after talking to some people, they said it would be ok to not go to dinner and go to the fair instead.

Me and Kate

This is where the story gets good.
Our meet and greet ended up being with just the people from Train, not Maroon 5. We were ok with that, not a big deal. Except the members of Train... looked like they had been hit by a train. Ouch.
We were hurried through the line like cattle and didn't really get to meet or greet, more like "hurry our ass up and take the picture." (Which we will have to go online to print off at some point).
When we were done with Train, we were walking down an isle back to the concert area and we were passing Maroon 5. We were told to keep moving and don't bother them.
Well, I had other ideas.
Instead of hurrying by, I faked an ankle injury.
"I can't walk any faster, my ankle hurts so bad"... digging in my purse for my camera... "Oh the pain, the horrible pain". Limping slowly by Maroon 5, I ended up getting a couple pictures! 
Pretty sure... I should have been an actress/photographer

 We then decided we should eat.
Is there a way to eat a corn dog that doesn't look 'dirty'?
 When Kate and I were younger we would ride the Sky Scraper and we decided to do it again for old time sake. We don't know why we decided to be crazy and do it, but it was fun! Then watching ourselves on the video after had us both cracking up. Freaking hilarious looks on our faces. Great times.

 After the fair we went to Miss Kitty's, the local 'country' bar. A bar we hung out at a lot together when we were younger.
Look at this cowboy, yum-tastic.
After I took these pictures, he came over and said his name was Bill and led us to believe that he was someone famous and didn't want these pictures posted. Sorry "Bill", I don't know who you are or what you would be famous for... unless you are the new Marlboro Man?
 He makes smoking look good...

I then talked to his guy that was obviously gay. (He told me he was)
He told me that I was beautiful (good week for that I guess).
He then followed that up with "You could totally be a model if you lost at least 20 pounds."
Umm, thanks... I think???

 It was a great night, lots of laughs and remembering things we did when we were younger.
I was really glad to hang out with Kate and to have so much fun on a beautiful August night in Iowa.

This morning Rocky was exhausted. After stretching, jumping off the bed and walking to his chair... he had to lay down and sleep again.

How lazy can a dog possibly be??

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