Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm All Growed Up...

Sunday after leaving book club at Smokey Row, I got in my car and found this:

I didn't panic. I thought "What do I do? What does one do in this situation!?!?!"
Call my dad... CRAP - I knew he was at a movie...
So what would my dad tell me to do?
Go to the auto parts store. So I did... walked in - told the dude what had happened, in a calm voice and he found the product I needed. I flipped my hair back, winked and said "Thanks" in a flirty voice and left. (last sentence is false).

I drove to my parents house to pick up Rocky and put my rear view mirror back together.

The instructions were easy to follow.. but I needed a crayon to trace where the current holder was. I didn't have a crayon. What could I find that would do the trick... LIP STICK!! I traced the outline with my lipstick. That was ingenious.
After using a credit card, a razor blade from my dad's garage and my finger nails, I got the old adhesive off.

And... TA DA!!!!

My dad was so proud!

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