Friday, August 26, 2011

Just a daily email thread...

Jessica and I made plans for dinner and drinks at La Bamba and then to go hang on the patio at Mickeys Downtown after.
This is all that happened to this idea today:

Instead of mexi and then patio…Want to find Mexican with a patio? Or do a different place with a patio for dinner? - (Me)

Sure, either way - (Jessica)

Blah… I hate deciding. J

Well name some places

Mi mexico, rock bottom, mullets, high life J, bait shop, Tally’s rooftop, saints, el agualia real….

Well do you want to still go to Mickeys at some point? Or not? If not, then it doesn’t matter. If you do, then I don’t want to go too far west and come back down here, know what I mean?

Let’s just stick with our original plan…. J 5:30 la bamba – grand

What about Legends or Johnny’s downtown?! They have patios…it would be nice to be outside.
Or you think they’ll be too busy at 5:30?

Legends patio is huge… just go there by 5ish and I will be there by 5ish..?

It is? Ok! I might just walk there, then you can drive me to my car afterwards! J

Sounds good. J

We have a fire drill at 2, I’m on the 2nd floor….and we have to wait for all 9 floors to clear the building before we are allowed back in. We could be outside for an hour waiting! LOVELY!

Bring a book…. And a snack. Least you aren’t on the 9th floor….

No joke!

Where’s the sun?

No kidding! our fire drill got cancelled b/c of the rain!

Umm… if there was a fire… and it was raining out, would you have to stay inside. I think not….

Good point! Guess we’ll go down in flames!

That would stink. I might be closer to 515… I have to go home let the rock out and me change shirt. J

No problem! That sun better come out!!!

No doubt. I’m ready for a nap right now….

Wake up wake up, it’s the first of the month!

Get up get up….cash your check and come on! Good times.


Did it thunder?

It’s just me, being cool


I say if it doesn’t get sunny out…we do Mexican….cheese dip.
If sunny, we hit up the patio at Legends?!

I like the idea. I like cheese dip. I want cheese dip. Let’s eat cheese dip. Let’s eat so much cheese dip that we just go home and lay on the couch after.

And margaritas!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s just do that. Screw any other ideas that we had! LETS GO GET FAT!!

Fine with me!

5 or 5:30? LOL I like how we go all the way back to the beginning idea.

Back to La Bamba? Where is that again? Never been there? I can be there at anytime!

La bama, next to 63rd and grand – by the mc donalds across from the sands… its on the north side of the road.
It’s the same as the one in urbandale… but in a different place obviously. J

Oh you crack me up!

See you at 5!!

Ok! I’ll leave here about 4:45 then!

Or I can meet you at 4:45 and you can leave at 4:30… whatever you prefer.

Well, when can you be there?? DORK!

Wellll I leave here at 4:30. I can head straight there, or go let Rocky out then head there….
So….. either works. Cause Rocky has no more rugs to pee on so he’ll hold it till at least 7:30…. J

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