Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peru Post 1: Food

The food in Peru was sooooo good. This was our breakfast at Angie's house our first morning in Lima. Tamales, fruits, vegatables, meat, cheese, bread... hmmm, heaven!

Inca Kola. South America's Mountain Dew, only better! I was slightly addicted to this.
I have been told I can find this at some of the Mexican grocery

stores here in Des Moines - but I think that addiction is best left alone.

I got a kick out of how some things in Lima were so Americanized.

At the airport, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonalds, Papa Johns. In one area in Lima there was a Fazolis, lots of KFC's - that deliver - and Burger Kings. Besides the Dunkin Donuts the one morning in the airport, we didn't bother with any of the fast food.

So good. So good. So good. Some Sushi, chicken, rice, pork, potatoes!!! I could have eatten so much more, but attempted to control myself. The food all tasted fresh, less processed than here in the USA and it was just oh so good!!!

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