Wednesday, August 10, 2011


  • Rocky pee’s on plastic bags that are left on the floor and he pee’s on blankets I move from the couch to the floor. It kinda drives me crazy. Went to a friend’s house once and I told him before I let Rocky inside that if there were any plastic bags on the floor to pick them up. Within minutes, Rocky found a bag, peed on it and I kinda laughed… I mean, I told him it would happen. I will blame it on his previous owners, not my lack of discipline.

  •  I am done attempting to eat wheat bread. I have NEVER found a kind I like, I pay $4 bucks for something nasty and end up throwing it away after one bite. White bread for me, thank you very much.

·   When you have NO money, borrow $10 from your parents so you can play the lottery pool at work

  • I will not try online dating again. The one guy I went on a date with, actually ended up having a girlfriend. Boys are stupid.

·  I’m happy Tippy, Samantha’s dog, will be living with me soon. She’s a good puppy. She likes to play catch so it gets me and lazy ol’ Rocky out of the house more in the evening. She does have a drooling problem… but my hardwood floors have never looked so shiny! J

·  When I was younger I would give more in friendships then what I would receive in return. However, in the last few years, I have gotten far more from my friends then what I have been able to give back to them. I will have to change that, I have some of the greatest friends of my life and I want them to know how much they mean to me.

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