Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great people. Great day. (Cold beer).

Wednesday afternoon was one of the I Cubs last day games for the season. A couple weeks ago, my friend Scott and I decided to take off work early and go to the ball park. It worked out well for us. The company he works for had a client give tickets to a skybox suite for the game. (Also free beer and free food!).
Scott with his first beer of the game. Ahhh, delicious.
 The weather was soooo perfect. I light breeze, nice and sunny and great people to spend the afternoon with. His co-workers were all very nice and made it a great day for my friend and I. We hadn't seen each other in quite a long time.
 Perfect seats!! And the I Cubs won by 1 point!
 Ice cold Point Special at a local bar called El Bait Shop. If you ever come to Des Moines, make sure to hit up El Bait Shop and it's neighbor High Life Lounge. (Which is my favorite.)

I am so glad I picked such a perfect day to get off work early. One of the best days of the summer so far!

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