Saturday, August 13, 2011

INCA KOLA and... landscaping..?

Wednesday when I got home from work there was a plastic bag hanging from my back door. When I looked inside I laughed and had a huge smile on my face. My friend Todd, left 2 Inca Kola's for me after reading about my addiction. It was so fun and thoughtful of him. :-) Friday morning - it was my breakfast! Ahhh, Inca goodness!

Today I decided to 'landscape'. Which means I took new mulch and covered the old mulch. Fancy!

I then went to my 3 pine trees that I planted in the spring (with the help of my dad), to lay some new mulch on top of the old mulch. Again, fancy!
Then this beautiful weed...ATTACKED ME!! It has freaking thorns! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
I grabbed it to pull the weed out of the ground so it wouldn't end up hurting my tree, and it defended itself by stabbing me in fingers. Bitch, please.

(The weed is still there, I will need to attack it with something stronger than my fingers. You know, like weed killer).

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