Friday, October 21, 2011

Road Kill

I get very sad when I see dead animals on the side of the road. The poor innocent raccoon, squirrel, bunny, opossum, armadillo, deer, duck, hawk, bird, beaver, cat or dog, was just trying to get home. Home to it's babies, its husband or wife, home to it's nice comfy bed. BUT NOOOOOOO, some fool had to drive too fast, too erratically and run the poor animal over.

I know I am not the only one that feels bad for these helpless animals. Years ago my older sister, Jessica, hit a bunny with her now husband Steve sitting in the passenger seat. She took her hands off the wheel to cover her mouth and was heading towards a mental breakdown when Steve had to remind her she was still driving. (At least this is how I remember the story). She was devastated. I think she ended up drinking a lot that night since she had become a murderer....

The first animal I hit did the 'reverse' in the middle of the road, I thought he continued across, but at some point, he turned back and I hit him. I was very upset, I saw his tail move in my rear view mirror and decided - "Oh... I just stunned him. He's alive and well". Later I drove by that same stretch of road and he was.... DEAD. Very upset I was.

Another time I was driving to Texas and a bird hit my windshield, and then was hit by the car behind me. I think this made me an accomplice to it's murder. I blame the other driver, if they wouldn't have been tailgating me that poor bird would have made it home to it's family.

I saw a deer get hit by a semi once.... it took years of therapy to erase that from my mind.

I remember a story of a family friend and his daughter driving a long with the top down on their Mazda Miata. A deer ran out in front of them and actually went under the car. The girl had just put lip gloss on and had deer hair stuck to her lips. Yes, that is nasty... but the poor deer never got to wear lip gloss again - cause it was dead.

Roadkill: I will say a little prayer for you.

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