Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Muffin Top Meltdown

Today was our first weigh in. I am officially the heaviest I have ever been. I knew the number I saw on the scale was going to cause me to dream of being anorexic, but I love food too much to not eat it at all. So… bulimic? Nope – not a huge fan of gagging myself until I throw up. SOOOOO with that being said I think Weight Watchers is the best, healthiest, alternative for me and my eating disorder. (I am a glutton)

I also had to wear dress pants to work today. No jeans. So I rummaged through my closet and I have 6 pairs of nice khakis and khaki capris from The Limited, none of which fit. So I am sitting here today with the queen of muffin top’s happening at the top of my pants, with only 1 of the 3 buttons, actually buttoned.  Just think… when I lose the weight I want to/need to lose I will have 6 ‘new’ pairs of pants to wear!! J

My goal to lose: 20 pounds
Amount lost: --
Weeks to go: 17

Recipe of the week:
My mom made this Sunday for the Packers game and it’s pretty tasty. A serving is half a cup!
It lists the Points for WW’s on it.  Pumpkin Pie Dip

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  1. Yah us! And...my fav part of the day is when you showed my your belly! :) I will show you mine...NEVER! :)