Sunday, January 1, 2012


I really can't stand 7up or Sprite.

It's not refreshing. It's not good.
It makes me vomit.
That, is a true statement.

When we were kids and sick, stomach aches or the flu, my mom would have us drink Sprite or 7up, saying to us "It'll make you feel better".

That was kinda of a lie - yes, my mother lied to us.

What she really meant to say was "You will drink this, the carbonation will help you throw up, so then your tummy will feel better."

So when I drink 7up or Sprite all I can think of is throwing up. Granted... it did work. Once you drank the nasty, bubbly, clear substance, it would help make you get sick, which would end up making me feel better... until the next round. Where I would find myself falling for my mom's tricky-ness "drink the 7up, you'll feel better."

Dear 7up,
I hate your stinking guts.
You make me vomit.
You are scum between my toes.
Love, Holly.

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