Thursday, January 5, 2012


I made the comment to a friend last night “I don’t fall in love”.
When I was younger I loved everyone I dated within days. I haven’t been in love with a guy I was dating for probably about 5 years. After I made the comment “I don’t fall in love”. I realized how sad that sounds.

My hangovers have been so bad lately that drinking doesn’t even seem worth it. I had someone point out that they have a 5Hour Energy before drinking because of the ridiculous amounts of B12 in it. Which may work for me, cause I am very B12 deficient and perhaps that is why my hang overs have gotten so much worse in the last year. That… or it’s because I’m old.

I like Sushi.

Sometimes I wonder how people lie to their significant others. Even if it’s innocent, if you lie – it’s just wrong.

It’s 64 degrees outside. In Iowa. In January. IN JANUARY PEOPLE! It was so beautiful that I walked on my lunch around my work building.

I don’t like kiwi.

I thought Hangover 2 was funny. I liked it. And Bangkok is one of the funniest words ever.
The Hangover Part II Poster

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  1. What happened to giving up alcohol? :)

    I agree- the weather has been amazing!!!! We are going to be really CRABBY when it snows finally. In april. UGH.