Friday, January 6, 2012

New Pair of Boots

I recently bought 2 new pairs of boots. One pair brown, one pair black. Both Jessica Simpson.
(I love Jessica Simpson heels and boots - I have a closet of heels that proves that.) I even bought a new pair of skinny jeans in order to tuck them into the boots. I'm getting so stylish.

The brown pair look like these... only brown.

There are no zippers on these boots.
They have 4 inch heels.
I have big feet.
They are easy to get on.
They are not easy to get off.
I have had 2 friends help me by pulling the boots off for me.
I have spent minutes and strength I didn't know I had, pulling them off my big ass feet by myself.
I'm just waiting for the night when I get home, I'm tired (maybe inhebirated) and I can't get the boots off... so I'll end up sleeping in them. It'll happen. I know me.

They are really cute though so the fact that it takes work and strength to get them off of me is worth it.

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