Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  • I have lived in my house for 2 1/2 years. I finally am getting around to updating some of the paint in the house. I am currently painting my room "Dusty Leaf". I must say - I like painting. I do not however like washing the walls and taping everything off. So far, I have not dripped a drop of paint on my hardwood floors, but give it time. I currently have a sheet beneath me when painting and that has PLENTY of drops on it. (before and after pictures of the room to come - when finished)

  • I started knitting. Well, I started a 'swatch'... just to learn and practice. My Aunt Ann in Texas was nice enough to send me some of my Grandma's needles and yarn. I like knowing I'm using my Grandma's knitting tools. My Aunt also sent me the instructions on how to make my Grandma's famous dish cloths. I hope to work up to those and make some for my family members. (Christmas presents for 2012: Done) So far knitting is not relaxing. In fact I was very tense when learning, my friend Nicole even laughed at me and said I was gritting my teeth. I'll keep at it and become awesome... because I'm awesome.

  • I have started to do my taxes and as horrible as this sounds, realized last year I donated WAY more than I should have to charity. Sounds bad doesn't it? I donated more last year than I ever have in my life which is a great thing. The bad thing was I was struggling pay check to pay check - so giving as much as I did, was making me a charity case. So this year I am concentrating on my main charities and will have to say "no" to some of the others.

  • I have started to apply for jobs in Denver and the surrounding area's. The dream is still alive. We'll see if anything comes of it. If not, I'll have to move on to Plan B. 
    • What is my Plan B, you ask? Winning the lotto of course.

  • A few friends and I are traveling to Chicago for Saint Patricks day this year. We are all really excited. I just bought shirts from Raygun that say "Kiss Me I'm Iowish". HAHAHA!

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  1. I totally grit my teeth and curse everytime I knit. But then when you finish someting- great feeling of accomplishment. :)
    Iknow what you mean about saying 'no' to some charities...I'm trying to limit myself as well.