Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Amazing Race

I keep seeing the previews for the new season of amazing race and I always think how fun that show would be to be on.
Then I started thinking about who I would want to go on the show with. So here are my thoughts on picking a good partner in for this show.
My Mom is out. She won't get on a plane.
Samantha and I would kill each other.
You would think the obvious pick would be my adventure buddy - my dad. However, in a situation where concentration can be the most important thing my dad and I would lack in that area as we can be easily distracted, especially when together.... SQUIRREL!... ok what was I saying.
Jessica and I would do well together I think.... we might irritate each other after awhile, but I think she'd probably be the one that I'd work best with in this situation.
I'm not sure who of my friends or other family members would be good picks as my partner in this. I'll have to think on that.
Do you have someone that you think would be your best partner in a adventure like the Amazing Race?

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