Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Perfect Amazing Race Partner

As I went through my immediate family for who I would partner with. I then decided to go through other family and friends and decided that my perfect partner would be…. Susie Rider.
Why? You ask…
Because this woman is not afraid of anything, does not back down when she believes in something she is fighting for and has boundless energy. She’s not afraid of someone saying “no” and I’ve never known her to be afraid to try something new. She’s a hard worker, loves to travel, is great at asking questions and figuring out new and exciting ways to accomplish things. She’s smart as hell and has opened my eyes to new things many times. Where I would be more timid in certain situations, she would walk in and take control. People listen to her, even if they don’t agree with that she says, people will sit and listen to her points of view and her thoughts because she speaks in a way that you WANT to listen. I admire her so much and think of her as one of my closest friends - I could tell her anything and she would love me regardless. Which would also come in handy if I were to screw up on the Amazing Race - she'd still love me afterwards. :)

So, what do you say Susie? Want to go out for The Amazing Race with me? J

1 comment:

  1. Dang making me blush! I'd go with you in a heartbeat! I guess I better watch one episode so I know what I'm really agreeing to. :)