Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Job and Odds and Ends

My last day at my current company is March 9th. I will be leaving NCMIC after almost 4 years. I was at Briggs Corp for 7 or so years before that and that building is a block away from NCMIC. I've been driving the same direction for over 11 years. To me that seems insane.
I have accepted a position at Wells Fargo, where I will be working down town Des Moines in the mortgage industry. Insurance, Mortgage... same thing. I know I'll catch on and do well, but the whole thing has been very nerve racking.
I like NCMIC as a company - they do great things for their employees and I have so many great friends here. That was also the hardest part about leaving Briggs - my friends. I know that I will still stay in touch and see them, but not having lunches and that daily interaction will be hard. I love my friends.

I also decided that this is a change I need. The CO moving is going to wait until I have sold my house. That will make moving and taking a new job that possibly pays less a bit more manageable. So end of August my house will be on the market. I already have someone that is possibly interested in buying it... so I'll hold on to that hope to make it an easy sell!

Donald Driver (Green Bay Packer) is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. I don't normally watch that show - but might have to in order to watch Driver. I sort of love him.

Did you know what Bass Pro Shop lets you take your dog in the store? As long as they are on a leash you can take them in there. My friend Wayne and I took his 4 month old Jack Russel Terrier, Rooney, there last night. He did really well, loved the people... and pooped 10 feet from the front door when we walked in. HA!

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