Thursday, March 1, 2012

TMI? Maybe....

I was going through my underwear drawer looking for a certain comfy pair of underwear when I found a pair and kinda laughed.

The year was 2001, the pants wear Limited khakis and the underwear was a light green colored thong. The reason I remember this pair of undies so well is because of a comment my boyfriend at the time made. He knew that when I wore a certain pair of khakis, I always wore that underwear. It was true, they fit the best under those pants. (I still have those pants too, by the way, but the no longer fit).

Then I got to thinking. I have 10 year old underwear. I wasn’t sure if this was gross or not. I mean, they are washed after each wearing. They are still in relatively good shape, but I haven’t worn them in years. I doubt they’d fit as wonderfully as they used too. Do I just throw them away?

Is it gross, weird… wrong to have such old undies???

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