Wednesday, April 18, 2012


- I started Goals In Motion again - on MWF's I'm going to the resistance classes. Monday felt so good... Tuesday I was so sore I could barely move. I mean... old lady walking, not able to go up and down stairs or get out of the car. It's pathetic. But that is what happens when you take a year off of any real physical activity.

- Jessica is buildling a house. That to me is crazy. I think their house fits them so well, that them moving in to a fancy new house seems so 'not them'... I guess I'm just used to older ranch houses in a two mile radius of where we grew up. She'll be farther away, which stinks, but I will probably still stop over unannounced when I want too... not that I do that that often anyway.

- Going to KC this weekend to see my wonderful friend Dan. We always have such a great time and he 'gets' me. It's his birthday celebration, so I'm sure it will be epicly awesome.

- We have my friend Nicole's baby shower on Sunday. It went really well. Great friends, food and presents. She's due and June and not finding out what she is having until then. She recently asked Brendan's parents if it would be ok if she possibly used his name in her baby's name. From the sounds of it they were emotional but ok with that. So I guess we'll see...

- Sam got a new job. Happy for her. So all 3 of us girls will be working at WF. Crazy...

- I miss my mommy. I don't see her as much lately and I'm not able to call her and chit chat like I did with my last job. I might have to ask her on a date night soon.

- I'm ready for a vacation.

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