Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's been awhile...

It's been over a month since I last blogged. Crazy. I've had so much going on... so much I could blog about, but just haven't done it.

So here are some randoms:

I can't listen to country music any more. And I have always loved country music. Every single song reminds me of Brendan. Either songs he'd sing a long too, songs that I thought were about 'us' before he died and now about 90% of the songs seem to fit perfectly since his death. I just can't listen to it. Jason Aldeans "Dirt Road Anthem" and Miranda Lamberts "Over You" are the ones that can break me down the easiest.

Presley loves me. It only took 3 years - but the girl LOVEs her Aunt Holly. I walk in she runs to give me a hug. We hang out a bit and we've gone to movies and the mall and lunch and dinner and I LOVE spending time with her. I'm sure the same will happen with Boston when he's a bit older. Right now he's not all that interested in his Aunt Holly.

My friend Dan will be in town tonight. It's the last time I will see him before he moves to North Carolina where has accepted a job offer. I don't know how long it will be before I see him again and not having him closer - a 3 hour drive to the south - will be hard. I miss him all the time and I will miss him even more now knowing I can't just drive down to KC whenever I want to see him. He's a great guy, been a ridiculously awesome friend to me and I'm going to miss him even more now. Tomorrow after I say goodbye to him will be a very emotional day.

My cousin Matt is swimming in the Olympic Trials in Omaha today and Saturday! Isn't that incredible!?!?! I am so excited and plan on watching him on TV from work. My boss even reserved a meeting room for me! I know he will do wonderfully and I hope he'll be on his way to London for the Olympics! Cross your fingers for him!!

Friday the 6th my family will all be meeting up at Surfside Beach in Texas for our week long family reunion. We plan this at least a year in advance so when the time gets close it gets very exciting! I'm looking forward to a week on the beach, HOT Texas weather, drinks, food, games and FAMILY. I get to meet my cousin Sarah's baby Elias for the first time, and we'll be celebrating his 1st Birthday! I'll get to see my cousin Molly's pregnant belly and get to see how much my cousin Lee's kids have changed since the last time I saw them. PLUS get to see everyone else! It'll be a great week!!

OH and I'm going to the midnight showing of the stipper movie Magic Mike tonight.... I just hope I don't attack the movie screen when those men start to move their hips... that way they's so....yummy. :)

Until next time....

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