Sunday, October 7, 2012

14,000 Feet for a Few Seconds

On September 23rd, my dad and uncle turned 60 years old!
The greatest husbands, dads and grandfathers to ever walk the face of the earth.

We got my dad skydiving for a gift. So on Saturday morning, October 6th, my dad and I jumped out of the plane! For the weeks inbetween giving him his gift and the actual day of jumping I was only nervous about landing. My dad had skydived before a 4-5 years ago and I just remember the landing seemed like the difficult part.
Me putting my pretty hat on... it was cold at 14,000 ft - about 18 degrees. Needed to keep my ears warm.

As we ascended to 14,000 ft, the tandem jumpers conected to our backs were laughing and making us feel more comfortable. I kept waiting to get nervous. Kept waiting. Kept waiting. It took about 20 minutes to get to the 14,000 ft and I never got nervous. Not even as the ground got farther and farther away... my dad jumped out first.
Then it was my turn... I did as my tandem jumper, I forget his name, told me to. Crossed my arms over my chest, kicked my legs under the plane and we did a couple front flips as we exited the plane! Then we free falled - and it was amazing. I still was not nervous. Nerves never hit. It as completely, wonderfully, amazing and perfect. He pulled the parachute and it got so quite way up there in the sky.... he turned us and did some circles and it was so much fun. I could have soared up there all day. My dad landed before me, and I could see him and my family as we got closer to the ground... and the only part I had been nervous about, the landing, I nailed it. I had my legs lifted like the dude on my back told me too, but then he said put your legs down... so we came in and landed on our feet!!! It was so awesome! I would do it again in a heart beat. I also think that I wasn't nervous because my dad was with me. Maybe it's naive, but as I've said before, my dad is my Superhero... so I know nothing would happen to either of us.

More pictures to come!!!!
If you have not skydived... please do. It was in a few words:
close to heaven
heart racing

DO IT!! :)

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