Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book: Lone Survivor - My Thoughts and Rants

I just finished the book called Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. I highly recommend it.
It’s a book about a Navy SEAL that survives a situation that 99.9999999999% of people would not survive. I’d say he’s one in a gazillion.
Maybe Iron Man could survive but I doubt it.
Anyway, it’s a really good book. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me angry, made me happy, made me hate the media (more), and made me have a little more faith in the goodness of people around the world.

People of the military, especially those of the elite forces (Green Berets, Rangers and SEALs), give up everything that is normal to most people, to go to horrible places where people HATE America. These men and women are prepared to die for me, you, your family… millions of people they do not know, they are willing to die for. They do it so that people like me have the freedom to blog about stupid $hit.

They LOVE the United States of America with a depth that us civilians can’t even comprehend. They will stop at nothing to defend her. I do not think our armed forces get enough credit for what they do. The media doesn’t tell us all the GOOD things they are doing to defend our country from thousands of miles away – but the moment one soldier steps out of line it is ALL over the media.

In this book a ‘mistake’ was made that led to the deaths of 3 Navy SEALs. The mistake they made because of what COULD have happened to them back here due to the Rules of Engagement. For our armed forces in a deadly situation having to talk over the punishment they would receive if they did do what they should have done is ridiculous to me. I believe there need to be some rules, but the people they are fighting have none. They cannot shoot unarmed people… well that makes sense. I bet the Taliban wouldn’t think twice about killing me though.
America is better. We don’t want to be barbarians, horrible people – but when our men and women are faced with a life or death situation; should they really have to think about the consequences they might receive when they get home?

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