Saturday, November 2, 2013

I think Katniss is the best... and even that isn't that good

Girls characters in books are weak. They are needy and not confident when it comes to guys.
Examples: Tris from the series Divergent. She kept saying that she didn't know why the hot guy would have any interest in her. She's short, scrawny, no boobs.
Clary from the series The Mortal Instruments is the same way. Why would he love me? I'm plain and he's beautiful.
Bella from Twilight is by far the worst saying things like "I have nothing to offer you" and constantly wondering why they hot guy would like her at all.
And I won't even get started on Anastasia from the 50 Shades of Grey series. Talk about a weak, horrible and sick character for any women, young or old to read about.

All of these girls are supposed to be strong female characters and in every other way in the books they are, except when it comes to boys. Constantly in their inner dialogue they talk about how they don't know why the boys that like them, are even interested. The boys are always 'beautiful' with perfect bodies and hard abs. Of course what girl wouldn't want that, but why do all these girls think they are not good enough for the boys that are actually interested in them. Why do girl characters constantly have to not be enough for the boys?
Why do they have to always think their bodies aren't good enough, that their noses are too big and that their boobs aren't big enough for the boys to even like them.
This is what is wrong with today's girls... even us 32 year old girls. That why would that great, good looking guy have any interest in plain old me.

The problem is... the girls are usually far better than the boys that they are wanting. The girls think that if they are hot and give them attention - that makes their self worth go up. When really the boys are lucky to have the smart, strong willed women that are these girls seem to be, until it comes to the boys.

There is one character that I don't recall talking about her plain body or big nose or flat chest - maybe I'm wrong and need to re-read Hunger Games, but I don't recall Katniss looking in the mirror saying "how could Gale and Peta like me?" I'm so plain. (I just dislike the end of the series, since she gives into what the boy wants in life.) Why can't more girls realize that the boys are lucky to have them?

My rambling has a point and it's mainly that it would be nice to have a female charater in a book that is more worried about her personality and morals and confidence in KNOWING they are good enough for any boy that comes into their life. I would like to read that book.

(I am able to write on my blog again, but it won't let me re-type, delete or check spelling - so forgive the repeated things)

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