Friday, November 1, 2013

It Happened... in August.

(I could not get my blog to work for months... and now it is - so here is the most important update of my life at this time!)

It happened.
I’m engaged.
I’m. Engaged.
I have a fiancé.
I.Have. A. Fiance.
I don’t have a boyfriend.
I’ll never have a boyfriend again.
I’ll be Jerry’s wife.
I’ll. Be. Jerry’s. Wife.
Due to my ultra ‘need to know everything’ power, I figured Jerry was going to propose in September while we were in Green Bay for a Packers game.
I told a friend that is what I thought.
That friend told Jerry.
He was going to do it then, but since I’m ‘need to know everything’ lady, he changed his mind.
Saturday we had nothing.
We planned on doing nothing.
We planned on not leaving the house.
He cooked me breakfast.
We asked each other questions from the “Which would you rather?” game.
We sat outside and talked and had a drink.
This is how I remember it – keep in mind, I was in shock and may still be, so some things might not be exactly as they were said….
I mentioned that I thought when I officially moved in I’d have to get renters insurance.
He said my stuff would be covered by his homeowners.
I then went on to tell him that if he purchased an expensive item he would have to add it to his policy.
He said “what kind of expensive item?”
I said “I don’t know jewelry or something”
“Like earrings or a bracelet?” He asked.
“Just any jewelry you wouldn’t be able to just go buy tomorrow if you didn’t have it insured.”
“Oh….” and he walked out of the room.
I was standing in the kitchen doing something and he came back in the room and said.
“I did buy something expensive, and it is on my homeowners”
Then he got down on one knee.
I covered my face and started crying “Is this happening?”
“Holly, will you marry me?”
I just kept blubbering “Am I dreaming? Is this happening?”
“Is that a yes?” I heard him say.
“Yes YES! Of course!” and I grabbed him and kissed him and cried.
“Look at the ring” he said
“I don’t care about the ring – you just asked me to marry you!!!”
And then I looked…. And it was perfect.
He put it on my finger.
It fit perfect.
It feels perfect.
It is perfect.
Now starts the journey of planning our wedding and preparing for our marriage.
I’m going to be Jerry’s wife.
I’m going to be a step-mom to Mary.
I’m going to be great at both.
I couldn’t be any more elated, happy, shocked, surprised or content, than I am right now.
It’s been worth the wait.
He’s been worth the wait.

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  1. Beautiful, Holly. Tears here, and I knew the story!