Friday, March 14, 2014

New Last Name

My wedding and reception are about a month away.
It's crazy to me that I will soon have a new last name.
Although my group of friends that call me Moe, said that they will still call me Moe.
I'm ok with that.

Holly Marie Brantley.
Holly Brantley.
I keep saying it's weird.
Jerry would prefer I didn't use the word weird to describe our marriage and change of my name.
But it is.
For 33 years I have been Holly Marie Moeller.
Holly Moeller
Ho Moe
Holy Moly
I will say that changing my last name to Jerry's is not a hard thing to do.
He's an amazing man.
Why wouldn't I want to have his name?
I just wonder after 33 years, how long it will take me to remember to write my new last name.

1 comment:

  1. It won't take that long, I promise. But, it will for everybody else.