Thursday, May 1, 2014

Best Day Ever

April 18th, 2014 was the best day ever.
I married the greatest man.

The morning started out with me waking at my parents house in my old bedroom.
My mom had even put some pretty flowers in the room for me.
My mom made cinnamon rolls, per my request and I got to eat the middle one in both pans.
(This was a HUGE deal when we were kids, we always wanted the middle one, because it was the softest, bestest one.)
My mom and I headed to Anani Salon in Ankeny and my sisters and friend Michelle met us there.
We got our hairs did and I got my make up did and Michelle was there to take pictures of it all.
She also brought fiber bars incase we needed a bite to eat.
She's always prepared.
We went back to my mom's house and met the photographer Andrea Altman.
Michelle came with Dixie cups and Barefoot Moscato wine to keep us nice and relaxed.
And it worked.
I was relaxed, cool, calm and collected all day.
I didn't feel stressed, rushed or panicked.
I never got 'cold feet'.
The day went by in a flash.
Like everyone told me it would.
The ceremony was short, sweet and exactly what I wanted.
I walked down the aisle with my dad to the music for The Shire from "The Lord of the Rings".
I am that big of an awesome dork.
Jerry was handsome and happy and wonderful.
The reception was wonderful.
Almost all of my family made the trip to Iowa to be there for that AND they helped set up and tear down the party.
They were all so incredible and I love them so much.
So many friends came by to celebrate and I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with any of them.
(Another thing people warned me about - that I would have a 100- 60 second conversations.)
I was happy to see everyone that came - even if it was only for the 60 seconds...
The food from Noodle Zoo in Ankeny got rave reviews - it was so good!
The scotheroo's were a hit and the scotheroo cake was AMAZING!
I couldn't believe how both the bars and cake looked so awesome.
I am seriously still in awe of what Susie did to make my cake look so good (and taste so good!)
It was an amazing day.
With amazing people.
I'm now married to the most amazing man.
It's just all so.... amazing.
I am now a happy married woman and a step-mom.
Crazy. Right? :)

Thanks to everyone that congratulated us, attended our events, sent their love, helped with our events and traveled to be here.
We love you all!!
Holly and Jerry Brantley

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