Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Vows

My Vows

April 18th, 2014

Jerald Cevin Brantley Junior
You are my moon and stars
The Samwise to my Frodo
You are brilliant and beautiful
And so easy to love.
When we got together you were "the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving."
You opened your heart to me
You opened your life to me
You felt like home to me.
I knew I would never be able to let you go.
You handle my highs and lows
My tantrums and my silence
"I let you see the parts of me that weren't all that pretty and with every touch you fixed them."
You love my unconditionally
And I can promise, promise, promise
That I will love you unconditionally.
I will be your best friend
I will support your decisions and your football team
I will stand by you no matter what.
We are a team and together we can get through anything.
I promise to love Mary like she is my own and to help you raise her to be a strong woman.
You are the love of my life
The mac to my cheese
The uni to my corn
My everything.
"All of me, loves all of you".
Promise, promise, promise.

~Holly Marie

My Vows

I can't tell you how truly honored and lucky I am to be marrying you today. People go a whole lifetime without even getting to meet the person that was put on the earth for them. I somehow and someway was able to find you. It was an unconventional road that lead us here, but one that has made each of us better people and one that has prepared me to spend a lifetime loving you. I believe my vows should be my promise to you, so Holly Marie Brantley, I promise:
To always take care of you and to always love you. You will be the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to bed. I promise to spend a lifetime learning you; I want to get my doctorate degree in Holly Brantley.  I promise to always be in awe of your beauty..., your smile, your grace, your beautiful eyes and beautiful personality. I promise to tell you I love you each and every day, and I promise to kiss and hold you every day that I can for the rest of our lives. Lastly, I promise to thank God for you every time I pray, because I know that you were his gift to me. I will never take that for granted.
I can't imagine my life without you in it. I can't imagine loving anyone else the way I love you. I look forward to spending a lifetime laughing, crying, smiling, playing and just being together. You are my best friend, you are my soul mate and you are my world. Today I get the pleasure of making it official in front of God and our family. Thank you for blessing me and blessing my life the way you have. Thank you for being a wonderful step-mom and a wonderful person. Thank you for being perfect for me. It took us awhile to find each other, but the wait was well worth it.
I love you baby...promise promise promise.

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