Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost Here!!

It’s this Friday. The big day! At first Jerry and I were planning a much more ‘elaborate’ wedding and reception. I started booking places, was getting catering lined up, asked my best ladies to stand up with me and had an idea of colors. And I was miserable. I don’t recall ever dreaming of my wedding as a big event. I wanted simple, fun and for me to have a pretty dress. Jerry has been married before and told me that whatever I wanted would be fine with him. So one night during the early planning of the big day I started crying and was so stressed. Everything was so expensive. Everything needed so much detail and time and space. I imagined myself absolutely miserable the day of my wedding. I was planning a day that I never actually envisioned for myself, but thought it was the kind of wedding a girl is supposed to want to have. After tears and talking to Jerry – we agreed on something more simple. At first I wanted it in my parents back yard, but weather, space, etc, made me change my mind. We decided to have a private ceremony with just our extended families. We added that up and it was still close to 100 people. So we changed it to our parents, siblings and their families. No aunts, uncles, friends – just the small group of our immediate family. Then the reception we made into an Open House style reception. I had actually read online that these are getting more popular – and I liked the idea. So we invited the rest of our families and close friends to the reception. I am lucky to have a great circle of friends and family that will help with the reception set up. I’m lucky to have parents that have helped Jerry and I pay for some of our wedding and I am lucky that at the end of the day, I will be married to the best man ever. After all – that is what really matters.

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