Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Younkers Building

Every since I heard that the Younkers building in downtown DSM caught fire, it's bothered me.
To the point where I talk about it more than I should.
Since I work a block west of the building I can see the scaffolding hanging in a tangled mess everyday on my way into work.
It bothers me.
It was an iconic building that they were restoring.
It was going to be condo's and shops and it was starting to look so nice.
Updated, but with the old building appeal.
Pictures from the top look like a bomb landed on the roof and exploded.
Pictures of the southeast corner of the building show only a wall, that looks like it could tumble down at any time.
Caution tape.
Police cars.
Police officers directing traffic.
The ATF is investigating and from what I read - they only investigate about 20 fires a year.
It's like a big city problem in the heart of downtown.
That's probably why it bothers me.
Stuff this monumental doesn't usually happen here.
I was told the Younkers building had the first ever escalator in Iowa.
I was told that the tea room was beautiful.
I was told that shopping at this Younkers in it's prime was a great treat.

Now it's a shell of a building.
The companies that were working on it are unsure how/if they will continue with a project at that sight.
It's a beautiful disaster.
Beautiful for the fact that NO ONE was injured.
No one working there.
No firemen.
No people passing by.
Disaster because it burned down.
Disaster because a lot of people are out of work now.
Disaster because what do you do with a location in the heart of downtown that has been destroyed.
It's just a mess.

I hope the cause doesn't end up being something intentional because companies wanted out of the project.
I hope it was a horrible accident due to the 'hot work' they were doing.

It bothers me.
A lot.
I can't really grasp why.
It just does.
I'm sorry Younkers Building.
This should not have been the way you went out.

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