Tuesday, October 19, 2010

G.I.M Rats

I officially joined the Goals In Motion (GIM) 9 week fitness challenge. Our team name is GIM Rats!
So far I'm going strong, eating well, kicking butt in resistance training and kickboxing and only felt like I was going to pass out once this morning. Of course, it's only day 2, but heck... it counts for something.
The challenge will end 3 days after my *gulp* 30th birthday. Yes that is right, this fine, single piece of a$$ is turning 30. Positive thoughts are a part of this challenge - I do not feel young or fine at this time. Give it 9 weeks though and I will feel as young as a 28 year old!

Rocky is still not thrilled with me waking him at 4:30 in the morning - this morning, he didn't even move when I got up though, so he must be getting used to it too.

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