Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Iowa State Fair!

Wednesday my sister and friends, Nicky and Kristine, headed to the state fair. As always, it was amazing. First things first... beer!
We knew it was going to be a good night when the first 'fair' outfit we saw was black see through stretch pants, with pink undies... NICE!
 First food of the fair - the corn dog. Deep fried goodness!

 I always wanted a horse... this one was outside the stable, but he wouldn't budge. I named him "Blackie". :-)
 I wore white. Everyone else wore black (Kristine, Nicky, Jessica and Nicole who joined us for a bit). If you look closely there is another person at the fair in white.. she's on the right and we'll call her Sue.

 Me... as a pig farmer. I totally look like a dude. This pig farmer was pretty cool though, he had a forearm tattoo and a neck tattoo!

Back that ass up... horsey... almost got Nicky..
The weather was PERFECT. I even had a guy walk by and tell me I was beautiful. I don't get compliments much... so it felt nice. (He might have been hammered, not old enough to drink and legally blind... but heck, it counts!) It's funny... that a compliment from a complete stranger can mean so much more than it does from someone you know.
Why is that?

We ended the night with a dude in a mo-hawk, food in my beer, fried cheese curds and a Red Velvet funnel cake. It was DELICIOUS!