Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dinner with the Riders

Friday night I met some of my family... and extended family (The Riders), out for dinner at Mi Patria and Ecuadorean restaurant in West Des Moines. The food is like what we ate in Peru... only not quite as good.
Here's the group. (Dad, Jessica and Presley, Susie, Jeff, Andrea and David).
They had Inca Kola. I knew the night would be great after I took one sip of the golden, sweet, calorie filled goodness.

Jessica and I ordered the same thing. A rice dish with, shrimp, chicken, beef and pork in it. It was good! My dad ordered  Carne Azada (spelled wrong?). He really liked it too. But our meals were nothing compared to what came next.... wait for it....

David and Susie ordered the... Cuy (Guinea Pig which is a specialty in South America).
This is what it looked like before.*

This is what it looked like after!

I even tried a bite of it... which I didn't have the guts to do when we were in Peru and David had Cuy there. It was... fatty, but really, just the texture of chicken. Not bad at all!

Susie cut the head off...

And then David thought the Cuy needed something to drink....

I recommend trying this restaurant. It's not 'normal' food, but it's good food!
Live on the edge people!

*The picture of the Guinea pig is not the actual guinea pig that was served at our table.
Just happened the pet store next door had one!

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