Friday, September 23, 2011

The Last Hurrah at AK's

In Beaverdale, there is a small corner bar... that after 25 years, is closing.

I have a lot of memories at this bar, with Brendan especially. When we were roommates he'd have a 'guest' stay over and then in the morning when that 'guest' would leave...
he'd wake me up to go get breakfast at AK O'Connors.
Good food, laid back environment and cold beer.
I LOVED their mac and cheese... with bacon on top. I ate most of it before I remembered to take a picture.

Brendan's cousin Nicole and her hubby Kevin, plus Brendans old neighbors, Kristin and Mike, frequented this establishment with him as well.
Kristin and Mikes son, Liam, enjoyed our last night there so much,
he even did the chicken dance from his high chair!

I'm sorry to see AK's go, it's one of the few places in the neighborhood that hasn't changed. It may be slightly my fault since I went over to Saints, right across the street from AK's for the last 9 months...
This t-shirt says it all:

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