Sunday, September 25, 2011

No More Bad News... Only Good.

As I was getting to leave work on Friday I went to to check the weather for the weekend. Only problem is, when you do that, you go to the main page of news and these were the headlines:
Missing Girl's Stepfather To Be Charged
Twin Babies Die In Bathtub Incident
Police: 15-Year-Old Arrested In Gas Station Robberies
Stocks Tank In Worst Week Since 2008
Photos: See Who Got Arrested
Officials ID 4 People Killed In Crash

No wonder people are depressed. I can't handle seeing this stuff. It makes me sick. Are there good things going on in the world? I know there has to be... so I will no longer check to get my weather, I will go to the weather channel where they do not bombard me with negativity when all I want is a forecast.

So, in order to keep my thoughts happy I decided I would blog about things that make me happy. Things that make me KNOW there are good things and good people in this world.

Number 1 - my dad and his twin brother, two of the greatest men in the world, turned 59 on Friday. This is them laughing at each other. I love this picture. It makes me smile!

Two: Boston. Enough said.

Three: Presley. Enough said.

Four: Pumpkin Beer from Rock Bottom. The put cinnamon and sugar on the rim of the glass. It is SOOOO delicious and 'fall' like. If you have this restaurant in your area, I highly recommend you trying this beer!

Five: The Kia Soul commercial with the hamsters dancing to Party Rock OR just the Party Rock video.
This song makes me want to dance and dress funky. Infact, I think I know my Halloween costume! :)

Six: Finding ice cream named Schweddy Balls!

Seven: New books by my favorite author Harlan Coben.

Eight: Football Sunday's with my family. GO PACK GO!

 What things make you happy? What things make you smile? Make a list, I'm sure you'll be amazed at how many simple things make you feel good. Oh, and don't watch the news.

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