Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fongs, Fa, fa, fa, Fongs!

Thursday night Chicago and I went to Fongs in down town Des Moines.
It used to be a Asian restaurant, but was changed to a pizza place a few years back.
Their pizza is.. different.
They have Kung Pao Chicken, Fongolian Beef, Thai Chicken, Loaded Potato, Spicy G, Bacon Popper...
to name a few. I've tried quite a few of these and they are alllllll delicious but my favorite will be mentioned below....

Their happy hour is pretty awesome. Buy a drink, get a free slice. You normally have about 3 kinds of pizza to choose from. We had cheese and banana pepper and pepperoni. I actually did not eat any of it, but tried a bite of the banana pepper and pepperoni. Chicago also put parmesan cheese and honey on it.
It was pretty tasty.

I however, was saving room for their cheese sticks... Which are crispy goodness, with lots of gooey cheese in the middle. They are made with the wraps that egg rolls are made of. Seriously... so good.

And my favorite....... Crab Rangoon Pizza!!

I was so excited to have the pizza. Chicago and I have been trying for months to find the time to get together and get down to Fongs. It was worth the wait! I was miserably full when we left, but I just couldn't stop eating the deliciousness that is Fongs Pizza!

When you get your check, you get fortune cookies. These were our fortunes.

I highly recommend going to Fongs (4th Street down town). It's a fun, crazy atmosphere with great food. The place is normally pretty busy, and there is NO hurry when getting drinks or getting your food, but when you are there, there is no rush to leave. It's comfortable, laid back and different from any place I've been.

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