Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday Football

Saturday was a busy day. Beaverdale fall fest plus a party and Nicole and Kevin's and Sandy and Katrishas.
I wasn't eating meat... these are what I passed up. They were even smoked with the apple tree wood from MY trees!! I must have been crazy to not eat them...

Kevin and Boston - just chilling!

Boston just playing... trying to destroy the flowers...

Samantha and Boston... ok so so far this blog has nothing to do with Saturday football.
BUT the Hawks did end up winning!

My cousin Kelly and ME.... we could be sisters! I think we look so much a like!

At Sandy and Katrisha's they had jello shots and also a shot in a plastic syringe. It was, enjoyable. :-)

I made it PAST 6 this weekend. I think it was closer to 11 when I finally crashed in bed.
See, I'm growing up!

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